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Desert Plunge Cold Plunge

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Desert Plunge Cold Plunge - Built for Hot Weather

Desert Plunge Cold Plunge is specifically crafted to endure the intense temperatures of an Arizona summer, where it frequently surpasses 110 degrees. With superior insulation and carefully designed chiller mechanisms, these tubs stay cool in the extreme heat, while ensuring energy efficiency. The cold plunge tubs chill to a refreshing 39 degrees.

American Made Cold Plunge

Desert Plunge has tested all sorts of components to find the best ones, and consciously sought out American-made components over foreign-made ones. At present, the large majority of the materials are made in America, by small businesses; and your purchase supports multiple small businesses focused on quality and craft.

Why choose the Desert Plunge? 

  • ¼ HP Chiller can get down to 39 Degrees
  • Made for both indoor and outdoor soaking
  • Injected with 2″ of foam for superior insulation
  • Equipped with a water filtration system
  • 24” deep, allowing for full submersion up to chin
  • Can accommodate 6’ 8” + tall comfortably
  • Prop latching lid bracket that holds the lid open while plunging
  • Lockable lid

FAQs for the Desert Plunge

  • How cold do these cold plunges get?
    • In optimal conditions (stored inside under climate control or outside out of direct sunlight and kept under cover) the 1/4 HP gets down to 39 degrees, no ice needed.
  • How much energy does a plunge use?
    • If your cold plunge tub is kept at 45 degrees during an Arizona summer, it will cost you roughly $25/month depending on the price you pay per kWh with your local utility company.
  • Can I use my cold plunge tub outdoors?
    • Yes. We recommend keeping your tub under cover and away from direct sunlight for long periods of time.

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