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Aquavoss cold plunge

Aquavoss Model 1 Cold Plunge - A Review

In recent years, the cold plunge industry has witnessed a surge in options. One of our favorites in the space is the Aquavoss Model 1 Cold Plunge. We are going to jump into a comprehensive review of the Aquavoss Model 1, exploring its features, benefits, and overall user experience with a focus on every detail to help you better understand this rock-solid cold plunge:

Aquavoss model 1 cold plunge front view


  1. Design and Build

The Aquavoss Model 1 boasts a sleek and modern design, blending seamlessly with contemporary wellness spaces. Crafted with durability in mind, its build comprises high-quality materials that ensure longevity. We love its shape and how the chiller has been built into the cabinetry which not only protects your chiller from the outdoor elements but also reduces the overall size of your cold plunge setup. This Model features 2 acclimation steps to help you ease into your cold plunges and also features a large spacious tank for athletes and cold plungers of all size while still maintaining a low, sleek profile.

The acrylic shell is smooth and perfect for those thinking about a cold plunge that is gonna last. Couple with durable outdoor paneling and metal corner pieces, this cold plunge is really something to look at. We are big fans of the look, feel and overall build of this cold plunge. 

  1. Temperature Control

One of the nice features of the Aquavoss Model 1 is its precise temperature control. Users can customize the water temperature to suit their preferences, ranging from mild to icy cold. This versatility makes it accessible to individuals at various stages of their cold therapy journey. The control panel is simple and easy to use leaving little room for complicated technological breakdowns. Aquavoss had longevity and ease of use in mind when building this cold plunge

  1. Easy Installation

Setting up the Aquavoss Model 1 is a hassle-free process. The plunge comes with clear instructions, and its user-friendly design means you can have it up and running in no time. This convenience adds to the appeal for those seeking a straightforward solution for cold therapy. Its 110v and plugs into any outlet. The draining is super simple with a hose and a twist knob. 

  1. Insulation, Insulation, Insulation

Aquavoss Model 1 is one of the best insulated cold plunges on the market and its standout feature. The interior tank inside the cabinetry is spray with 2 inches of thick insulation. This means the cold plunge gets cold and stays cold just like a cooler. This reduces the overall stress on your chiller leading to a longer lasting cold plunge that runs less frequently.

  1. Its Quiet

This cold plunge is quiet. The circulation pump hardly makes a noise and the fan  inside the chiller is one of those silent ones. This chiller and circulation pump combo is very low on noise and more importantly runs less frequently because of the superior insulation. If your buying a cold plunge that’s going next to your bedroom or you don’t want to cause an issue with your neighbors, go Aquavoss.

  1. It just looks incredible

This cold plunge is sleek and nice on the eyes. The three color options let you match it your backyard or gym or wellness space. The Aquavoss team killed it with this model and we love the look of it. Beyond the looks it's built compact, durable and ready for use. It's quite a machine with every inch designed with intention. 

Aquavoss model 1 cold plunge side view


The Aquavoss Model 1 Cold Plunge emerges as a promising contender in the realm of cold therapy. With its thoughtful design, customizable features, and reported benefits, it caters to a broad audience seeking a reliable and efficient solution for incorporating cold plunges into their wellness routines. As the pursuit of holistic well-being continues to gain momentum, the Aquavoss Model 1 stands out as a valuable tool for those looking to explore the benefits of cold therapy.

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